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Visiting Italia in Miniatura will make you feel like Gulliver in Lilliput. From the canals of Venice to St. Mark's square, the leisure park has over 300 miniatures of Italy’s UNESCO world heritage sites, miniaturized to 1:5 scale. 

Your Italia in Miniatura Ticket Explained

Italia in Miniatura
  • These entry tickets will allow you to enjoy access to Italia in Miniatura.
  • View 273 scale reproductions that allow you to explore the whole of Italy in one single location.
  • Enjoy a canoe ride along the waters of Little Venice.
  • Reenact Renaissance sieges and battles at Cannonacqua, a replica of Rimini's Castel Sismondo.
  • This ticket also includes access to all water attractions and other interactive activities, such as the Interactive Driving School.

Discounted Tickets

Children aged 3-9 enjoy reduced ticket pricing.

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

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Convenience: You can skip the long queues and book your tickets with just a click. You’ll also get 24/7  customer service by phone, email, or chat. 

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Safety: Online booking of tickets allow for safe transactions.

Explore Italia In Miniatura

Italy In Miniature
Europe In Miniature
Fun On Scale
Try And Explore
Italia in Miniatura

This section has over 300 different sites present all across the Italian Peninsula. This is the best place to admire all the UNESCO world heritages of the country in miniature. 

Italia in Miniatura - Europe In Miniature

This section of the leisure park hosts monuments and historical sites from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. There are over 30 monuments from all across Europe.

Italia in Miniatura - Fun On Scale

The fun-on-scale section of Italy in Miniatura lets you explore historic areas, buildings, and others in an interactive way. You can take a boat ride around the canals of Venice, let your kids into the Piazza Italia, and have refreshing water cannon battles.

Italia in Miniatura - Try And Explore

The try and explore section consists of Esperimenta- a place where your kids can try out some physics experiments; the monorail which takes you on a ride across the park; the Pappamondo section which allows you to interact with parrots. There is also a Pinocchio section that lets you explore the wooden world of Pinocchio.

Italia In Miniatura Highlights

Italia in Miniatura - Miniatures


There are over 300 miniature monuments, buildings, and historical sites. Some of these are replicas of areas like the canals of Venice, and Piazza Italia. There are interactive experiences as well. Apart from this, there are about 5000 miniature trees that enhance the appearance of the place. 

Italia in Miniatura - Interactive Driving School

Interactive Driving School

The interactive driving school has realistic test courses. The track is designed for your children between 6 and 12 years of age. The budding drivers will learn about the driving rules, codes on highways, and others. They will be assisted by virtual instructors and speaking cars.

Italia in Miniatura - Adventure Area

Adventure Area

The adventure area designed for children has hanging bridges, tightropes, and swinging lianas on top of trees. The well-designed arena is bound to spark an interest in adventure sports among young guests.

Italia in Miniatura - Cinema 7D

Cinema 7D

Have you ever watched a movie in 3D? Well, the Italia in Miniatura has something more. It has a multi-sensorial cinema experience in 7D! The cinema is an adventurous experience and is a must-try for your child. 

Italia in Miniatura - Esperimenta


This section of Italia in Miniatura combines learning with fun. Ignite the scientist in your child while you let them try out interactive physics experiments. The pavilion is bound to help your kid understand the laws of nature and the science surrounding it.

Italia in Miniatura - monorail


Travel around Italy in a few minutes on this special Monorail. The train takes you around the perimeter of the park at a height of 6 meters and at speeds touching 15kmph. You get to see the Alps and St. Peter’s Basilica in one ride! 

Italia in Miniatura - Pappamondo


The Pappamondo section is for both you and your children. The area has exotic birds from all around the globe. You can interact with these birds and learn more about them in detail. For the young ones, there is the Pappanursery- which specializes in small birds. 

Italia in Miniatura - Talking Walks

Talking Walks

You may be able to walk the talk. But have you heard of the walks that talk? You can, at Italia in Miniatur. Enjoy interesting facts about culture, cuisine, and historical characters as you walk between these walls.

Italia in Miniatura - Water Cannons At Cannnonacqua

Water Cannons At Cannnonacqua

The area takes on a Medieval Europe setting, complete with castles, bridges, and watch towers. Put on your swimming costumes, grab your water cannons and start shooting at your opponents. You can shoot water projectiles, and water bombs and go about conquering fortresses. 

Italia in Miniatura - Vecchia Segheria

Vecchia Segheria

The Vecchia Segheria is a mini water slide. Hope on to the wooden log and ride the rapids to take plunge downstream. This is a ride made for the entire family. 

Plan Your Visit To Italia In Miniatura

Opening Hours
Getting There
Italia in Miniatura - Pre-book Your Tickets
Italia in Miniatura - Opening Hours

The park will be open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and the attractions can be accessed between 10:30 AM to 5:45 PM.

Italia in Miniatura - Getting There
  • By Car: Take the exit at Rimini Nord on the Motorway A14 Bologna-Ancona, or take the State Road Strada Statale 16 "Adriatica".
  • By Train: Take the Adriatic train line Ancona-Milano and alight at Rimini (or Viserba). From the station square (P.le Cesare Battisti,) take bus n°8, direct to Italia in Miniatura. 
  • By Bus: From the train station at Rimini or Viserba, take bus n°8, which will take you to Italia in Miniatura.
Italia in Miniatura - Accessibility
  • The miniature area and other attractions are accessible on wheelchairs.
  • There are toilets accessible to disabled people at the entrance and next to Venezia.
Italia in Miniatura - Facilities
  • The park has a “lost and found” facility at the Park Information Point.
  • The area, however, lacks a facility to keep your luggage.
  • For emergency medical care, the park also has a first aid service.
Italia in Miniatura - shop

There are 3 shops at Italia in Miniatura:

  • Emporio di Dante
  • Mercatino di Leonardo
  • Mercante di Venezia

You can buy t-shirts, caps, pens, photo frames, magnets, and other exclusive items.

Italia in Miniatura - Dining

Italia in Miniatura has its own dining options.

  • The Restaurant-Pizzeria Italia has Italian options like pizza.
  • Self-Service San Marco has pasta, salads, main dishes, and fresh fish.
  • Chiosco Canoe and Chiosco San Marco offer sandwiches, drinks, pizza, and hotdogs.
  • Chiosco Monterosa has Piadine, ice cream, and drinks.
Italia in Miniatura - Stay


Family Resort Barone (2 km away), Residence Verbena (2.9 km away)


You & Me Beach Hotel (2 km away), Residence Terminus Rimini (2.9 km away)


Lora Hotel Torre Pedrera (2.9 km away), Hotel Avana Mare (3.4 km away)

Visitor Tips And Guidelines

  • Avoid visiting Italia in Miniatura on weekends and holidays to avoid crowds. The best time to visit the park is during early mornings.
  • Don’t carry heavy luggage and bags with you as the park doesn’t have a luggage room.
  • Once you leave the park, you cannot enter with the same ticket.
  • You cannot carry food items from outside to the park.
  • Climbing over fences surrounding miniatures is prohibited. 
  • Smoking is not allowed. 
  • You are not allowed to be shirtless or wear bathing suits or wet clothes in the park, restaurants, or rides. 
  • Deposit lost objects to the Information office located inside the park. 
  • You are allowed to bring dogs on leashes. However, if your dog is of a large size, they’re required to wear a muzzle. Remember that your dogs are not allowed to go on rides. 

All Your Questions About Italia in Miniatura Tickets Answered

Q. Are Italia in Miniatura tickets available?

A. Yes, you can book your Italia in Miniatura tickets online.

Q. What types of Italia in Miniatura tickets are available?

A. You can purchase standard entry tickets to Italia in Miniatura, which will allow you access to all areas of the park.

Q. What is the cancelation policy for Italia in Miniatura tickets?

A.You can cancel Italia in Miniatura tickets up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund.

Q. How long are my Italia in Miniatura tickets valid for?

A. Italia in Miniatura tickets are valid only for the date you select while purchasing the tickets.

Q. What are the Italia in Miniatura opening hours?

A. Italia in Miniatura will be open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and the attractions can be accessed between 10:30 AM to 5:45 PM.

Q. Are there any restruction to what I can wear while visiting Italia in Miniatura?

A. Visitors are not allowed to be shirtless inside the park. Wearing bathing suits or wet clothes is not allowed in the park.

Q. Are there lockers for bag and luggages at Italia in Miniatura?

A. No, Italia in Miniatura does not have any luggage storage facilities.